Friday, September 24, 2010

Woohyun Wing Wonders

The Woohyun's birthday was September 2nd, and what better way to celebrate in style than to stuff him full of Buffalo Wild Wings. To make it interesting, throw in a large beer and a time constraint on how many wings he can eat. The Art Dept knows how to do birthdays right.

The record stands:

Woohyun - 12 Blazin wild wings in less than 5 minutes.

The art department was so proud that The Fred awarded him with a Wing Challenge t-shirt and a Buffalo Wild Wings paper crown.

Mung goo would be proud too.

Here's the birthday boy with Dustin D'Arnault from the Commerical Art Deptarment.
Byron, Woohyun, and the Maaaaaark.
The Art Deparment crew.
And just for fun, Dave Lyons (Art Coordinator) and Andy Bialk (Character Designer) with the beloved Larry Hagman.

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  1. Jesus! Look at those Robin Williams hairy forearms!!!